Oshofri Giveaway Categories

There are three Categories of Giveaways on Oshofri. Users should always check the category that is attached to each giveaway before participating to win.


The Three Categories of Giveaways are :

1. General Giveaway

2. Target Audience Giveaway

3. Oshofri Giveaway

1. General Giveaway

General Giveaway is free for everyone to participate to win.

Users should always check Terms and Conditions on how to receive the giveaway when won.


2. Target Audience Giveaway

Target Audience giveaways are for Specific geo-locations, and Individuals are considered prime for this category. This category is exclusively to reach certain people or those living in a particular area primarily for business purposes. Participants must reside within that locale or fall within the specified target audience stated.

Users must check the giveaway to ensure they meet the designated criteria before participating.


Users should always check Terms and Conditions on how to receive the giveaway when won.


3. Oshofri Giveaway

The Oshofri Giveaway are giveaways sponsored by Oshofri to reward users on Oshofri.

Users should always check Terms and Conditions on how to receive the giveaway when won.

How To Post A Giveaway On Oshofri

To post a giveaway on Oshofri also means Sponsoring a giveaway.  Sponsoring a giveaway on Oshofri is automatically free advert for users, all you need to sponsor a giveaway is providing your content and the item(s) you are giving out e.g Cash/Product/Service, and fill the information to submit your sponsor giveaway to oshofri.

Oshofri will review your information and item and make sure it satisfied our Sponsored Giveaway Terms and Conditions 

To sponsor a giveaway Simply follow the steps below:

  • Fill the Information needed 

  • Click submit 

Note: Oshofri will go through your content and approve only if it satisfied our Sponsored Giveaway Terms and Conditions 

How To WIn Giveaway on Oshofri

it's free for everyone to participate to win giveaways on Oshofri, all you need to do is click on the preferred giveaway you want to participate in to win, check the category of the giveaway, read the Terms and Conditions of the giveaway. you must be login or signup to participate to win.​

  • Browse through the various categories to see which giveaway you want to participate in to win.

  • Click on the giveaway you want to participate in to win.

  • Go through the terms and conditions of the giveaway.  

  • Check the category of the giveaway to see if you satisfy the above.

  •  Click on the comment of the giveaway to participate in the terms and condition to win the giveaway.

How To Get Your Giveaway When Won

All giveaways post on Oshofri submitted the details on how winners can get their giveaways on the "Sponsor a giveaway form".

Users should always read the "How to get your giveaway when won" on the giveaway's information when participating to win giveaways.

Why You Need Oshofri/The Value You Get When You Sponsor a Giveaway On Oshofri

Everyone loves freebies and what better way to get their attention and relish the proceeds of its magnetizing effect to your products/services than to have the same on Oshofri.

Sponsoring a giveaway on Oshofri is a great way to promote your brand to a new audience who doesn’t know about your brand/product/service. If your brand is known it’s also an effective way to unveil your latest product/service and various existing ones to them. This creates/promotes awareness of such, of the products/services you offer. 


whoever wins your giveaway on Oshofri, if you state your terms and conditions to pick up giveaway won at your business location, office/shop, the winner will not only pick up the giveaway item but also get to see other variations of your products and services


Users who participate or win your giveaway Cash/Product/Service on Oshofri are more likely to be converted to “Customers” after the giveaway duration is over. This leads to brand awareness, brand loyalty, and a significant increase in customer base.

Word of mouth is indeed very powerful in spreading information very fast especially with social media platforms at our disposal. When word goes around that you’re offering giveaways on Oshofri, it spills on to social media, and the potential of it going viral is high. Users who win your giveaways can share their experiences on Oshofri and social media which gives you more clout as people tend to trust personal recommendations.

How To Gain More Followers On Oshofri

  • Sign up to create your account, if you already have an account, log in.

  • Share Oshofri post and website link on your social media pages and WhatsApp.

  • invite your friends to signup on Oshofri and become a member, get them to activate their profile and ask them to follow you on the member page.

  • Follow members on Oshofri and ask them to follow you back.

  • Create a group chat and invite friends, and open an educative topic for the group and encourage members to be active on the group.

  • Follow new members and welcome them to Oshofri, also ask them to follow back. Be active on Oshofri, comment, like posts and help new members on how to use Oshofri.

  • Update your profile, write about your self, Business, what you do and add pictures so that members can see your information and get to know about you.