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Oshofri is a freebie online platform dedicated to providing “Users” ample opportunity of winning an array of fantastic giveaways sponsored by Companies, Entrepreneurs and Individuals.

Oshofri creates a robust enabling platform for (Companies, Entrepreneurs and Individuals) to sponsor free giveaways (Cash/products/services) alongside the terms and conditions for winning same to reach the Target Audience (culminating into millions of “Users”) to create/promote their brands, products, and services. This ultimately leads to brand awareness, brand loyalty, and a significant increase in market share.  

When businesses sponsor a giveaway on Oshofri what value they get?

Everyone loves freebies and what better way to get their attention and relish the proceeds of its magnetizing effect to your products/services than to have the same on Oshofri. Sponsoring a giveaway on Oshofri is a great way to; 1. Promote Your Brand To A New Audience And Market, Unveil Your Latest Product/Service And Various Existing Ones. promote your brand to a new audience who doesn’t know about your brand/product/service. If your brand is known it’s also an effective way to unveil your latest product/service and various existing ones to them. This creates/promotes awareness of such, of the products/services you offer.  2. Getting Prospective Customers To Your Business Location And Get Them To See Your Various Products And Services whoever wins your giveaway on Oshofri, if you state your terms and conditions to pick up giveaway won at your business location, office/shop, the winner will not only pick up the giveaway item but also get to see other variations of your products and services 3. Convert Audiences To Customers, Increase Your Customer Base And Brand Loyalty Users who participate or win your giveaway Cash/Product/Service on Oshofri are more likely to be converted to “Customers” after the giveaway duration is over. This leads to brand awareness, brand loyalty, and a significant increase in customer base. 4. Generate more traffic to your brand, and increase sales Word of mouth is indeed very powerful in spreading information very fast especially with social media platforms at our disposal. When word goes around that you’re offering giveaways on Oshofri, it spills on to social media, and the potential of it going viral is high. Users who win your giveaways can share their experiences on Oshofri and social media which gives you more clout as people tend to trust personal recommendations.

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