Things You Need To Know To Win Giveaways On Oshofri

Oshofri is a freebie online platform dedicated to providing “Users” ample opportunity of winning an array of fantastic giveaways sponsored by Companies, Entrepreneurs and Individuals.

it is no news Oshofri is the number 1 giveaway site in Nigeria and has attracted lots of attention since it was launched. to win any of Oshfri giveaway follow these simple steps 1.UNDERSTAND THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS While most users want to win, many are too eager to read, and under the terms and conditions. a clear understanding of the terms and conditions will enable you to identify what is required of you as a participant. if for any reason you find it difficult to understand the terms and conditions quickly message Oshofri to provide a clear understanding of this. it is important to note Oshofri giveaway is based on following the instructions 2. ACT QUICKLY To win, sometimes you must be the first. Oshofri considers users who are first to meet the requirements in selecting winners for each giveaway. if you really want to win Oshofri amazing giveaway then you must make a habit of checking the website rather than relying on its Facebook, Instagram, or twitter update as most giveaway may not be posted on those platforms it is advisable to create or join a group on Oshofri to stay updated on the various giveaway. 3. COMMENT LIKE AND SHARE ON OSHOFRI WEBSITE Most users get this wrong, whatever Oshofri asks you to comment must first be on the Oshofri website before anywhere else, Oshofri uses its website to track comment and like on other platforms. for example, let's say Oshofri asks you to comment "done" if a user only comments "done" on Facebook, Instagram of twitter without commenting "done" on the Oshofri website, the chances of that user winning is reduced. this applies to like, comment and share 4. UPDATE YOUR PROFILE Oshofri is committed to giving out the giveaway to its community members before anyone else. simple things like having a profile picture, background photo, etc. increase your chance of winning.

Members should always check the

Giveaway Category How do I pick My winner? How does the winner Receive The Giveaway?

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